Ready to Meet?

I'm so happy that you've decided to contact me! I prefer to correspond through email with new friends who are interested in an appointment that is not within the next few days! But rest assured I check my email frequently (it's linked to my phones), and in most cases will respond within a few hours. I strongly believe that you deserve personal attention when reaching out to communicate with a lady that you're interested in spending time with, so you will always be corresponding directly with ME, not with an assistant. By completing this form we can avoid a lot of the back and forth, saving us both time and energy. This form also helps me to understand what you are seeking so that when the time comes I am fully prepared!

Please understand that I am really only concerned with the "Employer" portion of the screening form if you are unable to provide me with at least 2 reputable references. If this is the case, I will only verify that you are in fact an employee with this company. Safety & discretion are two things that I do not take lightly at all. Any and all information that is included in this form is for my eyes only! I will not release this information to anyone, or do anything that might disclose your information.

Additionally, it is a common practice for providers to do the exact same thing I am doing here, and ask for much of the same information, if not the same exact information. If you would ever like to use me as a reference, after we have met, for another provider that is perfectly fine! All that I ask is that you please either email or text me to remind me of who you are, and inform me that someone may be calling asking if you are ok. That way I am not suprised when I recieve the call, and can provide her with an accurate description of the time that we spent together, excluding all the juicy details of course!


The verification and reference process is for your safety as well as mine, if you are unable to understand that, then I'm sorry but I don't understand you, and we will not be able to get together afterall!


Hugs & kisses with much anticipation,

Brittany Dymond <3